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Become A VETiCare Veterinarian Member

VETiCare Pet Insurance is a unique Pet Monitoring Programme designed to put you at the center of your patients’ health. 6 Easy Steps to a Healthier Pet


Step 1 - To A Healthy Pet

Once your client has been approved and becomes a VETiCare policy owner, your client will be able to have access to health services through you, via the Woof Wellness™ Benefit.


Step 2 - Register As A Member

Registration is Free and once you have filled in the form, you will get a notification saying Registration is complete. We will email you.


Step 3 - Email Notification

You should receive an email notification to your email. Please click on “Complete Account”.


Step 4 - Complete Your Account

Complete this form to Complete you Account.


Step 5 - Profile Activation

Once You have been Approved by Veticare, You will receive a profile on the VetiCare website. This profile will allow you to load your client’s details and send them a welcome note introducing them to the Woof Wellness™ Benefit Programme. You will be able to use/display this QR code at your practice.
For walk-in clients, or QR stickers on food backs, the QR code will give your client access to the free pet health monitoring programme (App) where you will be able to communicate with them directly through the programme.


Step 6 - Pet Owner Application

The Dashboard in your profile will display your information and some information on the VetiCare policy. Your client will be able to visit your profile via the website, he/she will be able to request an appointment with you, download or apply online on your unique application form for Veticare insurance as well as view your unique bonus features on the Woof Wellness™ benefit.
Please contact us for further details on how you can benefit from this programme by calling 021-913-9730.
Monday to Friday, 9:00 am - 17:00 pm

Start Tracking With Woof Wellness™

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Woof Pet Wellness™ programme is VETiCARE's unique and patented Rewards programme which is designed to keep the pet healthy through insurers’ interaction between the Pet owner and the Veterinarian, monitoring and promoting a healthy lifestyle for the pet. Certain additional “rewards” are applicable to the Veterinarian and (pet) owner for initiating and keeping the pet healthy through the use of a supportive system for administrating veterinary insurance services. The information logged on the QR Health “App” by your registered policy holder client or the client whom is not yet a VetiCare policy holder will also then “pull through” onto your profile as well as his/her profile on the Website.

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