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Why Choose VETiCARE?

VETiCare Pet Insurance is a unique, powerful insurance tool aimed at assisting The Vet and Pet Owner with a correspondence Pet Health Monitoring Programme


VETiCare's Aim

VETiCare’s core goal is to strengthen the relationship between the Pet Owner and the Veterinarian through the use of its pioneer Pet Health Management Programme. This puts the Veterinarian at the core of this unique product offering and is the key advantage to all benefits accruing to the VetiCare policy owner.


VETiCare Pet Health Insurance

A pet owner can now insure the health of their pet cat or dog older than 8 weeks and younger than 8 years that is kept as a household pet in the RSA. The pet owner fills in a VETiCare application form directly from the Veticare website or at his/her chosen Veterinarian and signs up for VETiCare Cover(The Wellness™ is an optional added policy benefit). The application form is then sent for underwriting (see application form) and upon acceptance of the conditions of cover and if the pet is accepted for the programme, the VETiCare pet is fully covered for any veterinary medical procedures/services (including accident cover) within the said vet’s practice; but, so too, the policy is applicable for emergencies at any 24 Hr / after hour emergency Vet facility and or Specialist Centre for that matter - each clinical situation being unique.

Insurance premiums will then be collected monthly via direct debit. (Terms and Conditions apply, please refer to policy wording in the application form and the underwriting agreements). View or download the appropriate application form/s below:


What Does The Veticare Policy Mean For Your Pet Cat Or Dog?

Your pet will have full medical cover for any medical procedure or emergency surgical procedure within the said vet’s practice if it is older than 8 weeks and younger than 8 years. If your cat is over 8 years it will only qualify for accidental cover.


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Download and fill in a Veticare application form below, or at your chosen veterinarian and sign up for Veticare cover. The Woof Wellness™ Benefit is and optional option added policy benefit that can only be activated once you are a veticare policy holder and allocated to a nominated veterinarian. Please see Veticare application forms for further details as well as your veterinarians details for more information on the Woof Wellness™ Benefit

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