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Introducing Woof Pet Wellness™ Programme

Peace of mind about your pet's health insurance
Starting from R73Per Month

Pricing & Plans About Woof Pet Wellness™ About VETiCare


VETiCARE is an insurance product designed to cover the unexpected veterinary costs that pet cats or dogs may incur as the result of illness or injury.


Veterinary Treatments

VETiCARE covers the cost of veterinary treatments required to appropriately treat illness or injuries that the insured pet cat or dog may suffer.


Veterinary Cover

The treatments covered include, but are not limited to, consultations, investigations, surgery and medication.



Rehabilitation treatments, chemotherapies and radiotherapies are only covered subject to a detailed treatment plan being submitted and pre-approved by OAKHURST.


Chronic Treatment

Chronic treatment plans may be purchased at an additional premium as a complement to this insurance. Chronic treatment plans are subject to a maximum annual limit.p>


On-Going Pet Health Monitoring

What makes VETiCare so unique, is that once the pet owner is a VETiCare Policy holder, they have the option of signing up for the WOOF WELLNESS™ BENEFIT through a VetiCare member veterinarian. Woof Pet Wellness™ programme is VETiCARE’s unique and patented Rewards Programme. This unique pet health monitoring programme is designed to promote a healthy lifestyle for the pet and reward the pet owner for initiating consistent communication with the Veterinarian through the use of a supportive internal tracking and monitoring programme for administrating veterinary insurance services. style of treatment and approach management.

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What Does This Policy Mean For Your Pet?

Your pet will have full medical cover for any medical procedure or emergency surgical procedure within the said vet’s practice if it is older than 8 weeks and younger than 8 years.

Our Claims

Our Claims are paid per medical aid package purchased.

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